Thursday, June 23, 2011

All The Most Prurient Punks Have Tumblrs

I've embedded my tumblr way down at the bottom of my blog here - not sure if it's annoying or not. (Feel free to let me know.) I sure do like being reminded of Kunihiko Ikuhara's leather catsuit, though.

By the way, if you're reading this, P. Sufenas - it appears that Tumblr hosts the "youth crossover audience" we've been looking for. Tumblr loves Antinous!


  1. Sorry I'm so late on this...

    I have to admit, I don't really know what Tumblr is or what it is for...Nonetheless, it's interesting to see how some people are getting to know Antinous and appreciate him through that means.

  2. Hey, no worries!

    What is Tumblr? Tumblr Blogspot or Wordpress, but more minimalist. People use it for regular blogging, but it's mainly used for sharing media - art, music, news, etc. A "tumblog" is often like a gallery; the word "curating" gets thrown around a lot. :P Being full of artists and hipsters, I'd venture to say the culture on Tumblr is all about finding and appreciating the beautiful and the unknown. So it only makes sense that Antinous would find admirers there!

  3. So, it's in a sense "micro-blogging," i.e. blogs for people who aren't usually coming up with their own things, and who are just going "Here's some stuff I found"?

    The only thing I've really seen on there much has been, for example, pictures of cute emo boys, with maybe one line of text about them, and then every now and then an entry that is a "re-tweeted" comment or something with a short response.

    In any case, not really my scene...not because of the content, but just because the medium is not one that appeals to me. If one has nothing useful to say about what one finds, then one probably is lacking in basic thought processes, as far as I'm concerned. (Though I'm sure there are many exceptions, including yourself!) Bleh...I'm just not feeling very enthused about any of the new (or new-ish) internet/social media platforms that everyone seems to be going ga-ga over at present, since none of them really accomplish anything that I'm interested in accomplishing.