Monday, May 23, 2011

Wizard Battle

Loads more thrilling than the non-conflict between Christian Day and Charlie Sheen (which is technically a Warlock Battle, if you want to be specific), a war of ideas rages on between sages.

Author Caroline Tully recently had an interview with Professor Ronald Hutton. (Thanks for the heads up, Doc.) In it, he clarifies a number of his views on the subject of pagan survivals, among other things. It's a long discussion, but very interesting.

Golden Dawn Imperator, David Griffin - you may remember him - made a bold retort to several of Hutton's claims, citing contemporary Italian scholarship and making Star Trek references. Whatever your own opinion is on these subjects, you have to admit that Hutton misidentifying Griffin as a Wiccan is pretty funny.


As you were.

Monday, May 9, 2011

If By "Fake," You Mean Awesome

From Comics Alliance, Neopagans Object to Depiction of Fake Norse Gods in 'Thor.'

Thankfully, none of the offended Heathens involved have taken on the tone of self-importance that we all know and love when it comes to dissent like this. But I will say that all the Heathens (and friends of Heathens) I know love the Thor comics. The only complaints I've been hearing are from people who appear to have never read them.

If I may be so bold, I would venture to say that while Marvel's Thor is not an entirely accurate retelling of the Norse myths, it is in no way a disrespectful one. Modern Heathens don't generally appear to be insulted by (re-)interpretations of their myths in other media - American Gods never got any guff, despite the fact that it had almost nothing to do with the traditional stories (and even mocked neopagans in its pages) - so I suspect that there are some unfortunate preconceptions about comic books at play here. Marvel's Thor balances the light-hearted with the deadly serious, just as the myths do, and there is more than enough for a modern pagan to chew on in terms of heroism, Wyrd, and the relationship between the mortal and divine. And really - is a body of legend that involves cross-dressing, giant-slaying, and explosive diarrhea really so poorly suited to the realm of comic books? I mean, come on.

Read the comics. See the movie. I think you'll enjoy it.