Friday, July 1, 2011


It occurs to me that the content here hasn't exactly been living up to my blog's subtitle. This will be corrected soon.

Meanwhile, I've been having a bad case of every-idea-I've-ever-had-is-stupid-and-I-should-just-shut-up-forever, so while I get over that I thought I'd share with you some other bloggery I've been enjoying.

Swallowing the Camel is a pagan/occultist-friendly conspiracy-debunking blog. What does that mean? That means that everything you've ever wanted to see debunked about Satanic Panic, Illuminati nonsense, psychic frauds and "prodigal witches" (including Frater B's old friend, Bill Schnoeblen) is all right here. This guy really knows his stuff. Other, more WTF-type hoaxes are also covered.

Beyond the Wand is something in between the blog above and Wicca For The Rest of Us. Only more upbeat.

Ireland Pagan is the blog of a very thoughtful chap I ran across sometime ago on my favorite pagan forum. It is a sad irony that, outside of Druidry, there aren't many voices I know of in Celtic paganism who happen to be cultural insiders. (Much less anyone of a historically-minded bent.) For those looking for a basic overview of Irish polytheism and nothing but, this is a great place to start.

Root and Rock is written by a fierce and intelligent witch and artisan I know from way back. How does one describe her? She tends a forge and a veritable menagerie of wild creatures in her backyard. A well of poetry springs up from within her. A runeblade of snark cleaves her enemies in twain. Her entries on animal and familiar spirits are compelling and insightful. (None of this "woo woo fuzzy" business.)

Graveyard Dirt is described by the author as "part cookbook, part diary, part love letter and part magical memoir." Do not be fooled by this nonchalant characterization. This is the diary of a witch who scavenges dead animal parts and fucks like a wild rabbit in the hills of Scotland. (Swears like a sailor, too.) You never thought the "gatherer" half of "hunter/gatherer" could be so metal, but she'll teach you a thing or two. If you're not following her, do it now. (Especially you Valentines. You'd love her Ghede-pleasing ways.)